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Join the MYSTYK community to connect with other inspiring women, get help on business development and grow into the women you have always dreamed to be! Community is at the forefront of the MYSTYK Universe.

Physical Artwork

This is an NFT collection, but the MYSTYK also has a focus on all things “IRL”. LISABEL is first and foremost a traditional artist and she loves to see her art on the walls of her collectors. While you can always exhibit your NFTs on digital canvas, the signature Collection holders will exclusively receive a signed print of the artwork!

High-Quality File

When you purchase a MYSTYK NFT, you will be able to unlock a high resolution digital file of your piece.

Environmental Awareness

LISABEL's physical art is made using 100% recycled inorganic materials. To further this mission, she decided to mint the NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, which now consumes less energy than Netflix and Youtube.