October 13, 2022

MYSTYK NFTs launch event

With the performance of Jason Ford at Galerie LISABEL.



A first not to be missed. Jason Ford, son of Patsy Gallant will perform at Galerie LISABEL on October 13th. A multidisciplinary artist, singer, humorist and painter.

Jason is the son of Quebec’s Disco Diva Patsy Gallant, and has shared the stage with many of Quebec’s star performers. An evening of guaranteed to delight.

WHEN: October 13, 2022, 8:00PM – 11:00PM

6b Avenue de Lourdes Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4R2

PRICE: 15$ at the door

The full story

The collection

With a degree in composite materials and several years in the chemical and engineering industries, LISABEL has always had a keen interest in emerging technologies. This passion has fueled her desire to venture into the world of NFTs. A collection of 12 unique NFTs will be released on the Foundation NFT marketplace.

The first collector of each NFT from this collection will also receive the physical version of the work, which will be delivered to the collector upon purchasing the NFT.

Immutability and transparency

As part of her move into the NFT world, LISABEL wanted her fans to be able to collect her NFTs without worrying about their carbon footprint.

LISABEL’s physical art is made using 100% recycled inorganic materials. To further this mission, she decided to mint the NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, which now consumes less energy than Netflix and Youtube.

Refinement and improvement

As a result of this and her passion for the environment, LISABEL has been refining her one of a kind medium of liquid polymers in various factories in Quebec, where they would otherwise be destined for a landfill facility and contribute to toxic land pollution. Her paintings are made using 100% recycled inorganic materials. Plus, for the MYSTYK collection’s physical pieces, the canvases are made of steel, thus creating long term value for collectors as the work, just like the NFTs, will be resistant to most forms of damage.